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Antimicrobial Wipes and Soaps May Be Making You (and Society) Sick 

"Scientists have figured out a way to reduce the frequency that people get sick by as much as forty percent [but] it turns out that although we know that washing our hands prevents a range of illnesses and are incredibly eager to buy products marketed to kill germs, we don’t actually take the simpler measure of washing hands in the first place."

Oh, so you do have health insurance? You still need to be pretty healthy.

Not only is it morally reprehensible to restrict or deny life-saving drugs to those who need them (talk about death panels), it is a colossal miscalculation of public health policy, not to mention fiscally irresponsible.

Charles M. Blow, “H.I.V. S O S

Pretty Much Everything Will Make You Overeat 

Do You Live Near A Food Desert? 

PCRM chart via vegansaurus!

The idea that all this can be reduced to money — that doctors are just people selling services to consumers of health care — is, well, sickening.

Paul Krugman, “Patients Are Not Consumers

Want To Live To 100? Try To Bounce Back From Stress 

Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome 

In case that title didn’t grab you, let me assure you it’s a fascinating read. 

Corporations are psychotic 

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