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Planned Parenthood firebombed, right wing silent 

Louisiana Governor Signs Anti-Choice Bill, Likens Women Who Receive Abortions To Criminals 

"Jindal said he couldn’t understand why anyone would oppose the bill, comparing the new notices to Miranda warnings for women who receive abortions."

Saudi woman held by police – for driving 

I have a new hero.

I will never set foot in that despicable sandpit.

[We] are responsible to shape a world that tells all women, including those of color, that we are attractive.

Wendi C. Thomas, “Blogger revives an ugly belief" in response to the Psychology Today article "Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?"



(via LOL god: Pope’s family values)


And then disown them if they’re gay!

"Traditional Values" is Just Code for "Men Can Do Whatever They Want" 

In addition to their asserted superiority on “family values,” Republicans also bill themselves as arbiters of “traditional values,” and their hypocrisy on sex makes a lot more sense when viewed in that light. Indeed, it isn’t even hypocrisy. Typically, the traditional values agenda is defined by opposition to gay equality, abortion rights, and feminism. And while culture warriors offer different explanations for each issue, the core concern is deep opposition women’s autonomy, and a belief in the right-ness of patriarchal rule.

Affairs, even ones that result in children, flow naturally of this worldview. Women are objects to be dominated (and if possible, claimed), and men — as the “natural” leaders — are free to indulge every whim, including those forbidden to people of “lower status.”

Not every Republican holds to this belief system, but among the people we’re talking about — who, with the exception of the Governator, bill themselves as defenders of traditional values — it’s endemic. And understanding the sexist roots of this view goes a long way toward understand the behavior of its adherents.

Unless they want to live a happy, open life with another man. Otherwise, I 100% agree.

I don’t care what conservatives “traditionally” care about. I care about what’s right.

(Source: abbyjean)


ICWUDT of the Day: The chaste hipster website FREEwilliamsburg found the male presence in the iconic SitRoom photo far too “sexually suggestive” (in particular, the tense Obama and Biden images were deemed “too scintillating to handle”) so, in keeping with its strict modesty policy, made the decision to airbrush it out.

[context / freewilliamsburg / spiegelman.]

South Dakota backs a woman’s right to choose — as long as it’s between a .45 and a semiautomatic.

Pregnant Women Need Support, Not Prison 

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